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Who Are We?

Global Chemicals & Ingredient Suppliers

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Singapore, Tradeasia International Pte. Ltd. stands as a privately owned global trading entity. Our core expertise lies in providing dependable chemical procurement services, emphasizing trustworthiness and reliability. Within our structure, the HRD departement serves as the pivotal recruitment hub, ensuring we onboard the right talent to uphold our esteemed standards.

Our mission focuses on refining chemical distribution services, especially catering to global commodity industries. As we've evolved, our network has broadened, partnering with numerous businesses to offer an extensive spectrum of chemical products across diverse markets. This growth is a testament to our unwavering commitment, as we reliably source and deliver 500-600 containers monthly, meeting the needs of our clientele spanning the globe.
Tradeasia Internasional

Our Values

Discover Our Guiding Principles

We firmly believe our employees are our most valuable resource. Our commitment is to cultivate an exemplary work setting that promotes growth, progress, and consistency, empowering our teams to excel and make meaningful global contributions.


Build strong relations with all stakeholders - customers, associates, and our business partners based on commitment and trust.


We do business honestly in accordance to our values.


We are accountable for our duties with high professionalism to all our stakeholders.


We commit to perform our business duties with the utmost commitment to the environment and the world.


Act with entrepreneurship to grow together with all our stakeholders - customers, associates and business partners.


Treasure teamwork and develop strong cooperation to create excellent solutions for all our customers and business partners.